My story

I always start introducing myself by saying that I'm a Belgradian.

To those who happen not to know where Belgrade is, I sometimes hardly resist advising Googling it, but then again, good manners are always in style.

I am also a lawyer by education, journalist and magazine editor by vocation, a published author by my vision for the future, and a communications and personal branding expert by my intuitive choice and the decisions of those who have entrusted me with crafting, telling, and amplifying their stories to the world.

My approach to consulting on personal and business branding and communications is that self-awareness must be both a starting point and a finish line.

Unlike most of the introductory notes that you can read on the website similar to mine ,or behind the ventures that resemble T Communications, the origin story of this project does not include me being fired or quitting a soul-sucking 9-5 job, nor me putting on a badge of one entrepreneurial failure (or a few) and reinventing myself as the industry guru. I also have not experienced a lingering discontent despite having a six-figure paycheck a six-figure career, a luxury car, and an oversized house, which were all supposed to make me happy, to have now turned to creating something meaningful in my consumer-drive life. Also, you will not read about me finally overcoming one big, terrifying event, which I had suffered from in childhood or later on, and now emerging prettier, stronger, wiser, and hence invincible.

No, it has not been that easy, because I still have to turn inward everyday, to hold up a mirror to what my future has in store for me, to let go of any negative pattern of though, feeling, and actions, and to weave the weft over the warp (or in everyday terms: work, work, and work) until I can stand back and see the larger tapestry of each of my projects and of my new self too.

For that reason, my approach to consulting on personal and business branding and communications is that self–awareness must be both a starting point and a finish line, while we will help you unveil and present your best self at each point and position it in your given profession, industry, and market, intelligently.

In that sense, I am pro-being boastful, pro-being modest, and pro-knowing the difference and the price. Above all, I am pro-standing in the middle and knowing which side to turn to for the best possible outcome of any given goal that you might have.

I believe that you can and should control how you are perceived in your chosen profession, industry, and market, and that your personal branding -when done right- complements and magnifies the brand power of any of your talents and skills, career mile stones, entrepreneurial ventures, and products and/or services.

T Communications’ personal branding and communications advice is tailored to help you to intelligently assess where you are, where you are headed, and how to move forward, while we insist on honing your ability to course correct whenever needed.

Similarly, I make sure to stand firmly on my own two feet, get past any plateau, and most importantly, not to shy away from making a U-turn whenever I hit a dead end.
In that manner, I have always blazed new trails for myself, allowing each to enrich me with more learning, new skills, new colleagues, friends, people to love, and places to call home (I’m pretty sure no one will now have to Google where Dubai is – and that is the the power of its brand).

Big Q

The next question is how I ended up here.

Perhaps because writing has always come easy to me, I have always considered it as a given, just like my lashes or toes, and pursued other wants of my soul, such as finding order, respect, and setting boundaries in a world that rarely offered any of those. With hindsight, I can attest that studying law did indeed serve this purpose for me. However, instead of becoming a practicing lawyer, I ended up in an international law department, writing long strategies or research projects, taking care of both the big picture and the tiny details, and everything in between.

Seven years later I made a move that would flabbergast any career consultant - I changed a language, job, city, country, and region, all in one day, or better said, with one flight. The plan was to give a job offer a chance during a three-month unpaid leave from my existing position, and come back home happy and rejuvenated. Little did I know that my urge to write would win over and remain my guiding light even during the most difficult days (it’s been ten years and counting already).

We have grown together - my little writing rebel and I. We have been learning from the best books as well as from their famous authors directly. We have been interviewing some of the foremost business and creative minds of our time, secretly seizing upon cues on how they actually did it. We have been helping those who are just starting out by finding words, slogans, and narratives that would convince themselves first that they really can make it before achieving the same with their future partners, investors, clients/customers, and so on.

And we will continue doing the same, but now we want to do it for you too.

You must have realised by now that my story is one of building bridges, never burning them. It is always about forging new ties, internally and externally, while taking extra care of those that you already have.


In line with that, Rise Up with Tamara course on personal and business branding for Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian ( BCMS )-speaking women from around the world is my passion project that will be implemented only to an extent to which it does not collide with my commitments to the positions that I already hold and to the teams to which I am proud and Honoured to already belong.

Rise Up with Tamara course on personal and business branding for BCMS-speaking women from around the world is being offered on a below-the-market price, because it is my way of paying it forward with gratitude to my people -from teachers to bosses, colleagues, friends, and all others who have been helping me to break new paths for myself over the  years.

Similarly, Conversations with Tamara podcast with women of the BCMS-speaking diaspora who have made their mark around the world will be a free source of inspiration for all of us, but I cannot promise whether it will be biweekly or monthly or monthly. Why? Because I am a very busy woman and I want you to be too. Therefore, keep yourself posted on our next Conversations with T episode here.

One firm promise that I can give you though is that we will regularly share some of the most interesting lessons, pieces of advice. and often overlooked tips on how to succeed in business, career, and life on our blog here, our social media platforms here, here, and here, and through our newsletter here. ovde, ovde, and ovde, and through our newsletter ovde.

Your turn.

Now, we need to discover how you ended up here.

It must be because you are are asking yourself a question which, to be honest, I have already landed on one too many times.

It is not only whether you have chosen the right field of study, started out with the right career - creating job , or created the right venture that will fulfill your ambitions, conveying to the world that you are a rising star and generating income. However, if it is, you are at the right place - read more about how we see you here.

It is also not only about why you feel that something is missing from your well-established career or why your influence in your organization and among industry peers is not as high as you would like it to be, or why the media has not discovered you yet. It is not only about why you cannot remember the strong and driven person who started up your company which now has dozens of employees, or why you have been procrastinating and putting off attending to its future growth plans. However, if it is, you are at the right place - read more about how we see you here.

It is certainly not only about why you, a seasoned executive or a well-accomplished entrepreneur, cannot talk to anyone about the quiet but persistent voice of fear that prevents you from applying for an industry award, accepting a magazine interview, agreeing to take an honorable board position, or whatever else that might be the next level of growth for you. Most certainly it is not only about you, who has retired after 40 years of demonstrated persistence, endurance, patience and hard work both in your job and in building your family, not being able to escape boredom, emptiness, and feeling a lack of meaning in the retirement days that you have waited for so long. However, if it is, you are at the right place - read more about how we see you here.


We believe that our 60+ mothers, aunts, senior colleagues, friends, or neighbours could use a little help in order to fully blossom in their third act and experience the happiness and fulfillment they truly deserve.

Each T Communications: Rise Up with Tamara course will offer TWO pro bono spots for them.

Please fulfill this form to tell us why you or the woman you'd like to apply should be considered.

What is it about then ?

Reč je o tome kako da na pravi način odgovorite na pitanje „Šta je sledeće za mene?“, zar ne?
Reč je o tome da napravite pravi korak bliže ostvarenju svojih profesionalnih i preduzetničkih snova.

It is about you utilising my experience, expertise, and intuition to help you to craft, deliver, and amplify your message in any form ( from a tagline, to a speech promoting a new product, or an investor or sales pitch ), at any in-person occasion ( from speaking on a panel, to justifying bad news in front of your employees, or giving an on-air interview ), across any digital platform ( from a simple post, to a blog, or an expert article ), and beyond any fear.

Rise Up with Tamara course is about the fact that this new term ‘personal branding”, or for our grandmothers to understand “reputation” or “word of mouth”, is some sort of your personal map, and once it will even be your legacy, that you can decide on, edit, update, and upgrade at any stage of your studies, career, entrepreneurial journey, or your life, and at any age.

Conversations with Tamara podcast is about the fact that each of our heroines from the BCMS-speaking diaspora has made a personal decision to go on an unusual, sometimes even eccentric, or simply courageous and unique path. Each episode will give you a deeper perspective into that decision and a new self, career, and life that it has created, serving as a catalyst to help you rewrite or update the chapters of your own life.

T Communications’ blog, social media platforms, and newsletter are about putting a whole world of knowledge at your fingertips in order t o help you transform your talent, hobby, day job, side hustle, business venture, or a lack of any of them, into a calling that works for you as much you work for it.

The right mix of all of the above will turn you into a charismatic, persuasive, and effective entrepreneur, executive, team lead or member, social media star, hobbyist, or simply an everyday person who is capable of accomplishing any goal and winning over any audience with her intelligence, warmth, and gravitas.

I know, not only because I have already helped other people but, more importantly, because I have done it by myself, to myself, and for myself.

I also know that you can do it to yourself and for yourself too, but where we go from here is the choice I leave to you.
Thank you for your time.

Tamara Pupic