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Rise Up with Tamara is our signature course that offers an in-depth and comprehensive system of establishing a woman's online and offline personal and business brand positioning to set her on a new and more meaningful career and/or entrepreneurial.

It is designed for Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian BCMS-speaking women across the globe who have had a vision for their business, next career step, or a hobby that they would like to take to the next level, but they have been unable to think things through, connect with who they really are, and put their thoughts into the right words.
The Rise Up with Tamara course is delivered:
  • In a group setting (maximum 12 participants per course),
  • On Fridays over the course of six weeks,
  • In the form of six weekly online (Zoom) sessions, each lasting for minimum three hours,
  • Crafting a tailor-made personal brand strategy for each participant through a combination of theory and real-life practice,
  • Offering an insider’s knowledge on verbal, vocal and visual elements that support delivering your message, story, or personal brand strategy successfully, online and offline,
  • Providing personalised feedback on areas that need to be practiced and improved,
  • Producing a written personal branding plan with specific targets to help guide your future progress.
Our T Queens are
  • Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian BCMS-speaking women,
  • of all age groups,
  • from anywhere in the world,
  • who seek value for their time and money,
  • who want practical, tailor-made, and effective solutions,
  • who have a goal,
  • i koje znaju da je sada njihovo vreme.


From knowledge to competence

  • Students
  • University gradates
  • Career starters
  • Startup founders


From competence to influence

  • Career changers
  • Mid-level executives wanting to grow their influence by formalising their authentic message, story, strategy
  • Startup scale-ups and SME owners wanting to elevate their growth by revisiting their beginnings and redrafting and updating their message, story, or strategy
  • Accomplished women entering new areas or reaching the next level of growth


From influence to relevance

  • Accomplished women wanting to connect the dots of their lives and careers and craft their authentic message, story, and strategy in order to pay it forward
  • Retired women who, having found themselves having “all the time in the world”, want to turn their vast personal and professional experience, skills, and into a meaningful project or hobby.

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Rise Up with Tamara
Course on personal and business branding