About us

T Communications is a boutique brand and communications consultancy providing Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian BCMS-speaking women from around the world with communications tools to elevate, strategize, and guarantee their professional and entrepreneurial future.

I want the phrase 'going global' to enter your dictionary.

Going global from 'no way' to 'the only way.'

In a borderless digital world, going global is as instant as a click of a button, but only those with the right mindset, expert advice, effective communications tools, and strategic planning actually take advantage of this opportunity.

We will pinpoint a message that is authentically yours, help you deliver it in your own voice and to an audience that matters, and shape it into a story that will empower you while inspiring others.

message ~ voice ~ story

That message, voice, and story will form your authentic personal and/or professional brand power which will further fuel our work on crafting your authentic personal and/or professional brand strategy designed to :

Let our communications expertise pave
the way for your future success


Our values


through a proven track-record.


through expertise and professionalism.


through focus and discipline.